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Ryzen 3700x/x570 tuf , ram overclocking issue

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@Johan45 @Woomack Hello again guys, I wanted to thank you both , and everyone else form this post for having the patience to teach me this stuff.
@Woomach your past tests and presence over the internet(found you reviews and name all over the net :) ) helped me with a starting point and ofc, the custom advise you gave me made everything much much clearer.
@Johan45 The aida64 trick saved my ***, I keeped on trying multiple tests and none seemed to show anything, well , aida eventually did.

This is my end result, everything stable , tested it for a week, no shutdown , no ram errors , everything smooth as butter:

Thank you x1000 everyone :)
Nope. It didn't work. I have tried other options but the system wasn't stable.

16-19-19-39 CR1 3600MHz 1.35v other sections auto x

16-19-19-39 3600MHz 1.35v other sections auto x

16-19-19-39-64 3600MHz 1.35v CR1 other sections auto x

16-19-19-39-64 3600MHz 1.35v other sections auto x
Depends on IC and other things you may try 16-20-20 or 17/18-19-19 (have to enable gear down in memory options to be able to run at CL17).
this is where is can be real bad when memory makers decide to have a specific part that has more than one specific memory chip
Corsair is using everything they have available and fits into specs. For example, Vengeance Pro with exactly the same PN can be on Samsung, Micron, and Spectek. Even if you get Samsung then it doesn't mean it will OC well. LPX is usually cheaper and they mostly use Spectek in their new kits ... up to 4800+.
I think that only Crucial is using specific IC under only one product number but they mostly use Micron IC. Earlier kits were also on Samsungs but not many.