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Ryzen 5900x BIOS OC vs Ryzen Master

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Dec 1, 2020
Hello all, long time lurker first time posting.

I'm a new Ryzen owner, have always been an Intel guy, but as some point I had to concede :)
Anyways, i'm on a full custom waterloop and while trying to OC my 5900x to 47.00 from the BIOS, seems it's not actually taking the multiplier because CPUz is reporting 4600, however when I manually change it within Ryzen Master, I have no problems hitting 4700mhz.... but I want to make sure I have that's set from the BIOS so it's permanent.

Anything I'm missing?

More details... :)

Is it JUST under, like the BCLK is floating a hair below 100 MHz (normal)? Can you post a CPUz screenshot showing the clocks speeds?
Sure thing, here you go:

I need to figure out how to post images in this forum, bare with me :)

CPUZ Result.png

HWINfo Result.png

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Go Advanced... and then you can add them. It doesn't work in quick reply.

Yeah, that's 46x... weird.
Go Advanced... and then you can add them. It doesn't work in quick reply.

Yeah, that's 46x... weird.

Thanks, yeah I thought it was... it seems to cap at 46.00 from the BIOS. I added the BIOS pic in the OP.
Try 4725 ..... see if the bios will accept that. Hopefully its just a little bios blip. Something else to try a newer or one older bios ..... see where the issue is.
47.25 or even 48 won't work either from the BIOS.... still reports 4600.... Ryzen Master seems to be the only solution.
As WageX said, try updating your BIOS to the newest revision. If you are on that and resetting the CMOS doesn't work, try using 1 bios version older.
I updated the BIOS from 2402 to 2702 and that did it! :) Thanks much!!
Now I need to get the fan curve setup again which was a PITA, I seriously dislike the way it's implemented on this BIOS.