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Ryzen 7xx0 3D V Cache or No?

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Jan 13, 2005
I know the base 7 series chip isnt even out yet but i thought i'd ask since it seems a bit more people looking to upgrade this time around.

if your upgrading are you going to grab a standard Ryzen 7 chip out of the gate or wait for the 3d V cache version?

My unintentional upgrade schedule is placing my next major upgrade around this RTX 4xxx / Ryzen 7xxx time frame and in the past if i had the choice of getting a cpu with a larger cache i usually did. It used to be an overlooked part. Granted then we're talking about a few kb or maybe a meg then but still...
By the time i find work and replace some of the money from my house that i've been living off of the 3d V cache versions should be out and my r5 2600 1660 and r5 3600x 2070 systems should feel like they are well and truly showing their age


Aug 14, 2014
I do a lot of online gaming, so 3d cache is a definite yes please. Most games are either single threaded or very badly optimized, so very hyped to see what the new ones can do 👍



The Printer Guru
Feb 9, 2002
Honestly I think your going to need to buy a 7xxx cpu first and then replace it with a 3d cache one later .. its not a bad deal when I think about it.
the platform will last it will have everything modern and the 7000X cpus will be quite great while using far less power/heat than intel's offerings.
Even if you get 70% of your initial purchase price on the non 3d cache CPU you buy early its probably worth it as it will still be fast as hell.


Nov 1, 2009
Austin, TX
that video compares a 3800x to a 5800x3d... two processors from different generations. the performance difference is from going from a Zen2 to a Zen3 processor. of course the zen3 (5800x3d) will perform better, even without the 3d cache

if you want a good answer,
~first, look for comparisons of 5800x to 5800x3d.
~second, while it's true that most games don't benefit from more cores, it is also true that some games have additional programming to specifically take advantage of more cores. (like RIFT. it has a setting for multicore use that improves performance with more cores)
~third, some DX11 and DX12 games naturally perform better with more cores, since they have better thread management and fewer downtime gaps in the main thread while waiting for the other threads to return their information to the main thread. (i noticed a huge difference in GuildWars2 in the DX11 renderer with 5900x 12 core / 24 thread CPU, compared to using the old DX9 renderer... to the tune of roughly double the FPS) ~ (but i notice no difference in performance for Control Complete Edition between the old i7-4930k 6c/12t CPU and the ryzen 9 5900x 12c/24t CPU, using the same 2070 super GPUs in NVLink at 2k QHD 2560x1600 resolution)

TLDR: it's a trade off depending on your games. some games will benefit from the extra cache, and not from more cores, while other games will benefit from having more cores. one game will run better on a 5800x3d, while another game will run better on a 5950x (with double the cores) so, you really need to compare benchmarks for your specific games.

PS: RIFT and GuildWars2 are both online MMOs, while Control Complete Edition is a single player offline game


Gulper Nozzle Co-Owner
Dec 15, 2008
RightO. According to TPU's review, across all their tests, the 5800x3d is 2% slower... but it depends on the tests...

If you want the ultimate AMD game performer, that's it... but it lacks in other areas. If you're good with that, it's a winner. :)