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Ryzen Only Runs stable on LLC medium

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Jun 4, 2022
A little backstory, when I started using the PC everything was working fine for month, no random crashes or anything, I was able to game any game for hours on end but one day out of the blue, while casually browsing, the PC rebooted. I didnt think much of it, but it started happening more often, just rebooted and back on. I updated BIOS and all drivers I could get my hands on but it wasn't helping. Then I switched out the PSU. Issue still persisted. I downloaded OCCT and ran the Power test and the PC would reboot every time. BIOS are all on standard, I did never overclock. Anyway, I downloaded Ryzen Master and I tried their Auto OC profile and the manual profile and did the test again and voilá, NO crash during the power test. I have no experience fiddeling with BIOS but I am sure the standard settings dont work. Anyway, the current status is that I set the Load Line Calibration to medium and now the power test works and I dont know why. Is it safe setting it to medium? Whats happening anyway with my chip? Why arent the standard settings working?

Anyway got a clue? Like mentioned I dont know much about setting voltages or fiddeling with bios settings.
Let's start with hardware... list your system specs so we know what you're working with. This includes the power supply.

To answer, adjusting LLC won't be harmful, no.

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Which Ryzen CPU? Make and model of motherboard? Make, model and wattage of PSU? Make and model of video card? Brand, speed and amount of RAM? Make and model of CPU cooler?
Case make and model? How many fans and their location in the case?

Have you checked CPU temps under stress?

Is the PC in a climate controlled environment or are summer temps beginning to cause room temp to rise?

Load line calibration adds a little voltage to the CPU when under load in order to compensate the voltage sag. The different levels of LLC add more or less compensation. With time and age it is not unusual for a system to need a little more voltage support than when brand new in order to be completely stable.
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