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Ryzen temps??

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The Wicker Man

Dec 8, 2002
I have my 1700x running stock speeds, dont wanna risk anything yet till the bios gets a little more mature, running 702 bios.
I have the Noctua NH-D15 with both fans at 100% sitting idle at 3.5 the CPU Diode reads 40-45°C...
I ran the Prime 95 benchmark, the CPU stayed at 3.5 but the diode jumped to 63°C, I read AMD added 20°C to the temps, I have a hard time believing it sits around 20°C idel...

So, I ask, should I leave it alone or should I try re-seating the heatsink? I know, if I had hit that with my 1090t I would have evacuated my bowls....heh

Thanks for your time..:D

I guess I should have included, I am using AIDA64 5.80.4098 Beta to read temps and voltages..
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Why is 20-25c doubt-able? That's room temp. Chip should idle around these temps especially if left stock with power saving features enabled.

Everything looks ok from my seat.....
It has been mentioned that there is a good chance the temp sensor behaves like the old FX one: IE not really accurate until >40C. I remember reading that various places (think Reddit was one of em, but whatever). Truth be told, idle temp is insignificant, unless it is super high. Load temp is important though.
So, if the 20°C is true, 5 minutes of IntelBurnTest the Diode topped at 63°C CPU read 53° so it hits 43° or so max so says AMD. I guess I wont fret about it...

Thanks for the replies....

In the OP of this thread section Temp Info is collated info from The Stilt, Elmor and other sources which I felt were right to reference.

After you've read that take look at section Important info regarding temps on R7 1700/1700X/1800X in HWiNFO right at the top of OP.

I have a R7 1700, originally I rolled with Sense MI Skew: [Auto] on UEFI 0902 of C6H, this was only slightly out from what I regarded as "realistic" temp of CPU. I had asked Elmor for location of mobo temp sensor on C6H as wanted to use that as ref point to see how much out tCTL could be. So say at idle mobo was 25°C and tCTL 22°C, I concluded tCTL is ~3°C out.


Once I disabled Sense MI Skew tCTL was "realistic" and matched my hypothesis from viewing mobo temp delta from tCTL at idle.

Now from member shares it seems on "X" CPUs Sense MI Skew: [Disabled] doesn't lead to "realistic" temps, so perhaps try it just to see if it does for you or not. Also you can adjust tCTL by changing Sense MI offset in UEFI.