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S-video connecter?

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But why?, you will have coaxial quality, but if you insist Radio Shack has them, at least the ones here in Seattle
When you say Coaxial what do you mean? Do you mean RCA composite video signal or do you mean an RF modulated Tv signal. If you just mean composite then you can get or build a very simple adapter that should work okay. If you mean an RF Tv signal then you'll need an RF modulator which will convert the video to a televison frequency signal that can be picked up on a Tv channel. Anyway, if all you want is a composite video signal then here is a diagram of a very simple converter you could even build yourself.
Right my tv doesn't have a s-video in jack and by coaxial i mean the type u screw in. Can u give me the part #. Thanks
I think they have one here, but You may still need the S-video to composte converter if the RF modulator only takes a composite input and not an s-video input.

Anyway, If you have a VCR you can use it as an RF modulator. If you have an S-VHS VCR it may have an S-video input you can connect to and then just use the RF output of the VCR to connect to your TV. If you have just a regular VCR it probably has a composite video input. In that case youd need to send the video thru the S-video to composite cconnector and then to the composite input of the VCR and then connect the RF output of the VCR to the TV.
Well from the description of that item it says something about an RCA input. That sounds like it's refering to a composite input. In that case you'll need an s-video to composite adapter, like the one the link i provided showed how to build. Anyway, you can build it or you can buy one. Just do a search on google for "s-video to composite adapter". I'm sure there are places that sell them.
S-Video to RF "F" Connector

The "screw-on" connector on the back of TVs is called an "F" connector and it's commonly referred to as a "coax antenna" input, sometimes, just "coax" input, for short.

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