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s3 trio savage 4

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New Member
Jun 10, 2001
To anyone

I just brought a savage 4 32mb agp video card, is this video card a good one. Can anyone please give me is performance and problems it have.
I'm sorry to say that it isn't a very good card, actually it's a very bad one.... Very slow compared to the speed new computers run at today.
What do u use ur computer for?
What chip and motherboard do u have?
Depending on his system, I wouldn't be so hasty to say it's not very good...
I mean, if he's got a 1.3 t-bird ect with all the trimmings so to speak, then yes, it's not a great card...but if he's running a slower and not so new machine, I don't think it's all that bad.
If you like the new games on the market I would get a geforce 2 mx or a radeon if your on a budget. The tnt2 ultra performs better than the savage 4 when your talking frame rates. I would take it back if you can and look around on pricewatch or carefully on ebay for some good deals. If you got a great deeal and don't want to take it back you will probably need to plan on getting another card in the near future, depending on whether or not you want to play the toop of the line games.

I run a slower and not so new machine (c366@533) and I would deeefinately not want a savage 4. At the very least I would go with a geforce 2 mx