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Sabertooth FX990 R2.0 w/ FX9370 BK - Insight request

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Apr 3, 2015
Planet Earth
First off, all the blame goes to Johan45!!!

But I am actually quite super stoked on this setup (Fugly Duck-FD), so far...

I have done my due diligence, and expect nobody would assume otherwise...:cool:

Been through this:

And got these:

So actually what problems you ask, looks alright so far, for a setup I haven't logged many hours in....
And I got 50x, so what gives...???

PROBLEM DECRIPTION - important to read
Initially, out of the box, I just started upping the multi till it wouldn't post.
Everything AUTO except the power management, And default DDR3 timing/freq.
Fell out of my chair when I got to x25 and hit 5000Mhz.
That's where the sub's come in at.


Now when I barley touch anything I get muchas problemas.

Even when I was trying to scale back VCore, from auto settings trying to see how much lower 5000Mhz would run at.

And on bios save/restart it really acts goofy.
I get the usually clickity, click, a pause,.... then nothing. No clickity click, then restart.
Just the green light. like I shut-down.

So fire back up, by hitting the panel button, tries to fire up, clickety click, shut-down.
The specific lights do not come up/flash on the board as usual.
You get the chipset light flash, then nothing.

So hard re-set PSU and held power button while off to clear caps.
Restart, and same thing.

Middle finger the clear CMOS button.
Restart, and same thing...

At this point I think I have totally farcked something...
By happenstance, in my blind-rage I clicked the MemTest button and it posted up to a prompt, where I am able to get in the bios, reset defaults and recover.

And when left running idle at these setting, it seems to take a big stinky BSOD. Always happens after monitor goes to sleep, never seen it actually happen.

So what now? Well I am taking a huge gamble here, as I have compiled a literal shload of info for anyone who is inclined to click on a link...

Seems some are disinclined, possibly due to some sort of primordial separation anxiety distress to OCF cyber-space owed to imminent punishment,
chastisement and actual castigation; predetermined by ancient OCF rituals performed in the cavernous depths of what was the original member’s lounge...

Anyway, here are links to some very comprehensive info.

(use the navigation tool button)

Screen Shots of most all Bios setup screens
(this gallery it a little hinkey, the left/right arrow keys don't work,
you can drag, or just use nav bottons at the bottom which are kinda hard to see)




This memtest ran for almost an hour. In one stage I got ~750000 errors before I walked up on it and canceled stage.
It then continued for some time and eventually just gave up, hung screen.
I truncated the log, and indicate with a comment where it happened...

So, final comment/concern.
My memory is jacked!!!??? ( I did remove, switch, re-seed, etc...)

I wanted a 2x4 set, but in my rush to get into NN#9, I couldn't seem to find any, at least RipJaws.
I have become a fan of G.Skill, especially on X97 and Z170, but...

Any recommendations on memory for this setup, as either way I will be DDR3 shopping for a 2x4 kit.

I very much appreciate any feedback and your time reviewing this.
Especially from robe wearing members....;)

Eskerrik Asko


Babysitter for OCF Lounge Day Care, Still a bad-as
Apr 3, 2015
Planet Earth
Grabbed these

So yeah, not sure why I got the RipJawX 2133 instead of the 2400:confused:
I think because I couldn't find a 2x4 kit, or I was delusional...

cd said:
...trident z 2400, 2x4 gigs runs fine with my 8350 @5.2...

I love my 2x4 G.SKill TridentZ DDR4-3866, but cant seem to locate TridentZ 2400 2x4 kit?!
On a whim I grabbed these:


UDIMM? Unbuffered DIMM, why the special designation?

Anyway, anyone boldly venture to those links....



Benching Team Leader Super Moderator
Dec 19, 2012
A couple things, I'd stick with the G.Skill ram personally. 2400 is OK but typically you'll get the same or better performance in most tasks with 1800-2000 and tight timings. I use some old G.Skill Pi ram that works better than anything new you can get. 2x2GB kit CL9 that'll run around 1800 CL6.
Your NB speed is at 2800 drop that to 2400 for now with ~ 1.25v until we get things sorted. And the last thing I see so far is HPC should be enabled in BIOS. Helps prevent any throttling.