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safe mode for Compaq's

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Jul 3, 2001
Houston Texas
I need to start a Compaq Presario 4840 in safe mode, hitting Ctrl gets me into the bios....tried F5 and F10 to no avail...any suggestions...Man Compaq's are weird...this thing is driving me nuts...Thanks for any suggestions:)
I have a Presario 4880 [P// 400MMX], and I get to the BIOS screen it's "F10" during the "Compaq" splash screen. I think I get to safe mode thru... "F8" while I choose the OS in the Dual Boot [Windows 98SE/Windows 2000 Pro] choice screen. Hit me up for any info on these Presarios, I have learned to deal with mine. :burn:
In my experience, you usually have to hit F8 just as windows begins loading. Then, there is a menu and you can select from things like safe mode, normal, and command prompt only.
Thanks for the help guy's !!!! Now I know why building your own box is the only way to fly. These OEM guy's make it difficult to work on these things. What applies to Windows in a OEM version or Retail version gets thrown out the window. This box has Windows 98 on it...Now if I can just find the other 19.5GB of hard drive On this other Compaq I am trying to fix I will be in good shape (4704). Its a Samsung SV2044 that replaced the original hard drive. I did a search in Samsung and cannot find any information on it except in Polish or Russian which I have not a clue. I am told that it is a 20GB. I ran the Sea Tools Diagnostic disk from Segate and it tells me that it is a 862MB hard drive...Maybe my buddy did not get what he paid for... Thank you again....Hookem....:)