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Safe Temp Range?

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New Member
Dec 20, 2000
I just purchased a T-Bird 1.1 on a ASUS A7V, with the thermal sensor mounted in the board. It came with a thermaltake silver orb, but the cpu still runs hot, the bios monitor reports it starting at 30c and going to about 62c. what is the proper heat range for this cpu? I have an extra exhaust fan on the case right near the cpu. I think 60-62 seems really hot.
60-62 is really hot! When does it run this hot? I hope only under full load like Prime95 or SETI. I would make sure the CPU is in the board flat, raise the handle on the socket and put mild pressure on the corners while you lock it back down. Make sure the cooler it sitting as flat as you see. I have a 900 Tbird running at 1050mhz, 1.85v, 10 x 105mhz, and I bought 4 different fans to see which worked best, the highest temp I ever got was 51c under full load. I have a Global Win FOP38, very very loud, and the temp never goes above 39c, idles at 29-31c. I have heard the Orb coolers do not work as well as some think. Of the coolers I have personally tried are CoolerMaster CB5-5G12, small copper cooler, suprised me for the size, max temp 49c, CoolerMaster DP5-6H51, normal looking aluminum cooler, max temp 51c, MWave cooler from www.mwave.com, looks like the CM DP5-6H51 with a little bigger fan, max temp 48c, and of course the Global Win FOP 38, very loud, larger the the others, max temp 39c. All of these were taken under full load with Arctic Silver thermal compound, which I did not notice a huge temperature difference with.
whats the best place to order the Global Win FOP 38 from? I scratched the thermal compound that came with the cpu and replaced it with some radioshack thermal grease and the temp dropped to 50c idling and 53 when I was doing cpu intensive stuff, I still would like to go cooler if possible. The 62c before was after playing Unreal for a few hours and it blue screened shortly after. I could still POST tho...