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Safe temps under load?

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Nov 2, 2009
Hey Guys.

Thought I would ask this question separate to my other thread.

I got the Brisbane 5000 OC'ed to 3.2GHZ and running prime95 the load temps hit 60 degrees celcius. Is this way to much?. Or is it safe to keep my machine at 3.2GHZ?.


Dec 3, 2005
that's too high for my taste with an AMD chip but others may disagree. I wouldn't think twice about an intel chip at that temp, but not AMD. 50 would be my cutoff point. MAYBE 55, but definitely not 60.


Senior Member
Dec 27, 2008
I wouldn't feel comfortable with running it at 60 for long periods of time but just for occasional testing purposes its probably okay. If you do a lot of gaming or video encoding you should be more concerned with what temps you are getting when running those intensive real life apps. In real life computing I would aim for no more than mid 50s as a max sustained temp. You also need to take into account environment variables such as room temp differences between winter and summer.


Oct 11, 2005
You going to have the CPU running prime 24/7?

If its a general purpose rig with some gaming thrown in, I would say you are pretty safe.

When summer hits you may want to back off (unless you have the heat on high in your house now and run AC in the summer. Then you might actually run cooler in the summer lol)