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Safe to OC the bus with a CD-RW?

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Mar 7, 2002
S.E. Florida
I read somewhere in a forum that you should not OC your BUS speed when you have a CD-R/RW. Is this true, or can I OC without worrying? BTW, the drive is IDE, not SCSI (I wish I could afford SCSI drives:()
hello DJ39, welcome to the forums.

There is no reason why you shouldn't OC your FSB when you have a CD burner. Like any drive, it may flake out at higher PCI bus speeds, but a CDRW is no more sensitive to this than a regular CD drive.

I suppose a CDRW could possibly burn error filled discs if it was OCed too high, but there is a much better chance that it just wouldn't work at all until you turn down the FSB.

Go ahead and OC, it won't harm anything.:)
Thanks. Tomorrow afternoon I'm hunting down a number 2 pencil.:)

This will be my first OC.

Duron950 + 256MB PC150 KingMax on a FIC AZ11EA

When I removed my HSF, the grease seal broke.
Now temps are much higher even before OCing.:mad:

I only upped the multiplier a step for now. Once I get some thermal compound I'll properly OC my comp.

Thanks again for your previous reply.
yah thermal goo makes a huge difference in temps.

When you go to apply some compound, make sure to clean the old thermal pad off the HSF 100%, sand it if you have to. Having bits of the old thermal pad mixing with the new goo is will hurt your temps also.

heh, it's a good idea to sand that HSF anyway- the flatter the contact area, the better.

Good luck man!
Just to let you know, Goo be Gone works wonders on the paste. I did the same thing you did. Ya, then a little artic silver 2 and BAMO those temps will go down!!