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Safe Vcore (P4 2.6ghz)

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Oct 13, 2005
I've looked around but I can't seem to find what's the max Vcore my processor should run at. I have a socket 484 P4 2.6 (400 FSB).

I've heard some people saying 1.6v is the max they would like to go, but others talk about 1.45v. Judging from this page on Intel's site the stock voltage is 1.525v, and that would make sense seeing my options in the bios are auto ->1.550v ->1.575 ->etc. I am currently running it on 1.575v and have it clocked back down to 2.88ghz (from around 3.02).

At stock vcore and at 3ghz my system will sometimes randomly reboot. My temps seem ok as they are around 50c at load. I'm thinking it's my PSU that's screwing me over, as my vcore jumps all over the place when viewed in the bios, but my 12v rail and all the others seem fairly steady tho. I was thinking about upping the vcore a bit more to hope that I can push a little more out of this P4 for a year until I build a new system.

So I suppose I'm not only asking how far I can push it, but also if that's why I'm getting reboots. Thank you for entertaining my lack of knowledge. You guys have always been great to me and I'm looking forward to taking a few more baby steps in the world of overclocking.

for a northwood, keep it UNDER 1.675v at all times i would say. northwoods tend to up and die at or around 1.7v

your idle vcore could be significantly higher than what you set it to in the bios, and your load vcore could be well under what you set it to. example, i set mine to 1.6v in bios, i get about 1.62 at idle, and it drops to 1.575-1.58 under load.

you will be safe under 1.675v i would say, provided your temps are in order.

do a search for the old S.N.D.S. sticky for more information relating to Sudden Northwood Death Syndrome, which is what you wanna look out for.
Thank you for the reply... I'm hoping this will stop some of the rebooting, we shall see.

Also I am tempted to say that it isn't a Northwood, I didn't mention what one it was because I can't be sure atm (at work). I have so many names floating through my head, tho I'm leaning towards something that starts with a 'W'.

Either way I'll try to stay within the 1.675v limit, and most likely only go up to 1.65v if needed.
if its Willamett that you are thinking of, i think you can rule that out. they didn't make one at 2.6ghz AFAIK. i had the fastest one available, the 2.0ghz model. it would only oc to 2.4ghz on stock voltage, my mobo at the time did not allow for adjustments (although, i don't think more would have helped, they pretty much all topped out at around 2.4 or less). also, the stock vcore on willies was around 1.75v i do believe.
:-/ I really don't know... I'm almost sure it was a Willamet, but I'll try to check once I get home (vaugely remember this from SiS Sandra, so I could be wrong). Either way I'll have enough room for my volts.

Anyone want to comment on the rebooting? I'm hoping it's from not giving it enough volts, but I don't no if it's a heat issue and my mobo (MSI) is giving the wrong reading.
rebooting could very well be caused by not enough vcore. it also COULD be psu related, but i would not really consider that a possibility, because we are talking modest speeds, and modest amounts of vcore. if your +12v line looks ok, i'd say you are fine in that respect.

if you had it at 3ghz, i'd say its impossible for it to be a willie. i don't think i ever saw one that fast or heard of one that fast, even on phase change cooling.

only one way to know for sure, when you get home, fire up cpu-z, it will settle the issue. ;)

GL, let me know what you find.

*edit* about the heat thing, your mobo may be reading it incorrectly, no defenite way of knowing unfortunately. i would say as long as its reading at 55-60c or lower, you should be good there. i don't think i've ever had a reboot because of heat, usually prime95 errors on me, or CS:S crashes, or something similar. never and outright reboot.
Yeah, it was a Northwood. I must have been thinking of my old CPU or have just been completely lost.

I'm slowly working my way back up to 3.0, but I'm not going to rush it. I'd rather my PC be stable than have it nicely clocked. And if worse comes to worse I'll end up picking up a nice PSU that I'll eventually use on my next build, so it won't be a waste of money.

Thank you for all your help hUMANbEATbOX, I feel like I know so much about tech, but not that much about my own equipment :D. Take Care!