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Safety of combining Jumperless/Jumpers on A7V?

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Mar 19, 2001
I haven't been running like this for a while, just about 45 minutes and it appears to be stable. What I've done is use Jumpers for the V Core [1.85], used the dip-switches for the multiplyer [10x], and set the board to Jumper Free and set the FSB in the BIOS to 104mhz. I did this because there is no dip switch setting for 104mhz for the FSB, either in my manual or Asus site. I posted a similiar thread on Juggernaut's A7V board and one user replied that mixing modes would get me into trouble. But he hasn't said what it could/would cause, basically why it will get me into trouble. Can anyone explain to me
I have both an A7V and an A7V133, and have done the same thing on the A7V133 with no problems myself. On the A7V, I have no problems running the FSB at 110MHz. Why don't you up the voltage?
hey Flux

love the name

to your question... i havent heard of that about getting into problems but mine would seem to run higher FSB's when useing the jumpers and more stable using the jumpers

also what bois you running on that board?