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Salute to the community

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Feb 23, 2004
My adventure started almost eight months ago when I took my first step into the world of overclocking, I am a pretty hardware savy when it comes to desktop pc's. My first comp was a compusa 386/16sx, then I had bought a 486/80dx2 witch was awsome cause of the 40fsb. IT could take on a pentium 90 pretty well. but enough of the chitchat, since then I have had PIII550 and after that my first PIV1.6a, oh the joy of when i learned of overclocking and was i so lucky as to had my hands on a 1.6a, i did not even know of at first. But that is when my first taste came I took my 1.6a to a healthy 2.24 with stock cooling thanks to help from these forums and this community, I have since then come even farther with the knowledge held within these O/C sites, I currently run a [email protected] , MSI4800se 311/621, 1 gig with some tight timmings and single 80gig WD 7200, running with a Zalman copper cooler with artic silver Cremiqe(good old artilce on the on the thermal paste came from this very community) I have taken my alumin pc case and cut out my fan grills(front and back) with a dremmel. I have three Panoflo's a blower and side panel led fan hooked to a 3'5bay fan controler.

And a the final addition , Because front bezel for my pc case did not have a enough air flow to pull in because of a lack of vents, I purchased some 3.5bay covers and took my dremmel again and my a vent out of it with a wire fan screen, thanks to all in this community the courage to do all of this would not have happend...

SO hata off to all the O/Cers out there and please take me into the fold....

*oh yeah this is my first post, hopefully my story will give hope and inspire to all that push that extra little bit , and let them follow in our steps....

Thanks Again....


Moderator/ Silver Paste Taster©
Aug 8, 2001
Sunshine State, USA
Welcome to the forums/Madness UndredKlocked, put your feet up and stay for awhile. Us Old timers gotta stick together to show the up and coming overclockers how to do things :)


Jan 3, 2004
What else is there to say except welcome? We are all very glad to see a new face around here. It's a great community and I'm sure you will enjoy it. Browse around and feel free to ask questions if you need. Lend a hand, anything you feel. You are completely accepted here.

Electron Chaser

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May 6, 2004
I live by a Delta
Welcome to the forums.

Yes I too remember the days when overclocking involved replacing the clock crsytal on your motherboard. When we had SIPP Chips for memory that were prone to "creep" do the increase in heat. And you never knew how much RAM was going to POST from day to day. And the closest thing we had to a forum was a BBS. OK so I'm dating myself now. Anyway

Welcome to the Forums.

and welcome back to the addiction LOL. I thought I could stay away too.