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salvage a cpu after botched delid?

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caddi daddi

Godzilla to ant hills
Jan 10, 2012
I found and bought another very good 4790K, I have delided it but as is the norm for my deliding, it's just another dead cpu, the board powers up for about 10 seconds and powers right down, of course it worked before I butchered it, I tested it.
I lifted some of the pcb with a couple of the gold dots and I think the his bonked the slug as it departed the pcb and made it's way across the shop.
can I reflow a cpu like I have a motherboard and gpu?
how much heat and for how long would you bake it?
do you know any other salvage method to try.
for some reason I seem to have a number of cpus I can try on.
I imagine reflow temperature for the PCB on those is close to regular surface mount.

Our reflow oven at my factory hits a peak temperature of 250 C after a slow warm up.

I don't think you want to go as high as 250 C as ALL of the solder will reflow.

EDIT: These temperatures for a leaded solder process. For lead-free (AKA ROHS) the temperatures are higher.
no beep codes or what does the LED post show if it has one? it may run through a few different LED codes this would help, though it does sound like its dead.

exactly how did you delid it?