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Samlex Power supply for PELTIERS??

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May 27, 2001
San Diego, CA
Will this power supply work for 2 120watt peltiers on my athlon runnning at aroung 1.6-1.7ghz

Samlex Power Supply Model SEC-1223 13.8V • 23 Amps Continuous 7.00"W x 8.25"D x 2.20"H Weight 3.5 lbs SAMLEX Model SEC-1223 This advanced switch-mode power supply was specifically designed for use with HF, VHF and UHF radios. The SEC switching power supply produces clean reliable power and is highly filtered to suppress RFI. The SEC series comply with FCC Class B, Part 15 standards by limiting. The input voltage is factory preset to accept 120 VAC 60Hz, and can be easily user-modified to accept 240 VAC 50 Hz The SEC 1223 series offers continuous output current 23 amps.

Heres the peltiers ratings from danger den.:
Imax = 7.9 Amps
Qmax = 120 Watts
Vmax = 24.6 Volts
Delta Tmax = 69 (C)
Size = 40mm X 40mm X 3.4mm
I think so. The downside is that you would lose about 50% of your TEC's cooling power. So essentially, you would be running ~60 watt peltiers
Well This was all i could find. I searched for those astron Power supplys that colin rocmeneded and the most voltage i could fine was 13.8. The amps are not the problem. I realy dont know where or what else to do?? I think it would be a realy good idea if someone were to write a how to on this on the site or even as a forum post as i am starting to see a whole slew of these questions with not a clear enough answer for people who are new to pelts let alone 2.
Astrons are big and expensive. Click on the link and you will find a whole page of them that do more than 13.8 volts.
As Colin, very correctly emphasises, to fully utilize 24v peltiers you need an expensive and heavy high amperage a 24v+ supply.
However if economy forces a lower voltage supply and in-case housing is not required, I would recommend a variable voltage 0-15v unit rather than the fixed voltage 13.8v Switch Mode units.
My nominal 0-15v Palstar PS30-M will operate at a voltage upto ~ 16.75v. I use this to run a watercooled single 120watt(24v) Peltier cooling a 50watt CPU(Celeron @1000 and 2.2v).For web browsing I operate at 10-12v with a cpu temp of 4-7c and for gaming/stability testing at 16/17v with temps 13-15c.This choice of voltages is,I think, important both to determine the maximum cooling conditions and to prevent excessive temperature cycling(particularly through freeezing point).