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samsung 2100 whats your fsb?

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Dec 24, 2001
ok well i needed more ram.my 128 was just a crutch to get me going. as i see it i had 2 choices.corsair 3200 or samsung 2100. i say this becouse both are tops in what they do.
sooo its either $220 for corsair or i found the samsung for $120 on ebay.this is 512mb im talking about for both.

i won the ebay bid btw $117 +shipping.
this is on original samsung pcb as the stick is warrented by samsung for a year.

i can do 180 fsb on this stick of corsair. its samsung 2100 also.
i just couldnt break down and pay the extra $100

first? did i make a mistake ill regret?
i will oc it to its max and run there. but its just a number game showing benchmarks in my thoughts sometimes.i dont have to have the best. numbers wise anyhow.just above par performance.

i still have it im my mind i can do 170-180 [email protected] with it.what u think?
ok now how is your sammy 2100? or even 2700?
how does it run fsb?

i guess mabey some reasurance would help.thanks


Mar 6, 2002
Derby UK
Well, my mobo doesnt even get close to this high, but after trying it in a friends machine, and it went straight to 170FSB...


Dec 24, 2001
kool if i can get 170 outa that stick ill be happy.
i just looked in sandra. im at 186x2=372 mhz on this 2100 running 149 fsb @4:5 ratio.
so when i do 181fsb and it dies its not the ram. hdd?mobo?cpu?
been getten alota hdd corruptions when i try 181. im replacing with 2 wd 7200 w/raid 0 next week. see if it helps.

i can pull my 512mb out if it dont oc as high. im keeping stick of corsair unless i get a great trade.