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Samsung 840 Pro ssd upgrade firmware?

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Jul 8, 2012
So I bought a used 840 pro.

I see its on older firmware.. DXM04B0Q
Performance seems pretty good.
SEQ Read - 552MB/s
SEQ Write - 509MB/s
Random IOPS Read - 63,720
Random IOPS Write - 56,396

^^^ test taken from Samsung Magician 5.2.1

Do you think it's worth updating to newest firmware?

Since everything seems to be working fine... maybe I should just live with this current firmware as I have no issues.. and with any firmware upgrade.. there is a low chance but still a chance of bricking the drive. Newer firmware... maybe better longevity and or speeds but I don't know...
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I really can't find any info for what their firmware changes entail from Samsung's site or their Magician Tool.

I don't know why Samsung is so cryptic of their firmware's... The software doesn't even tell me the latest version available.. So I don't even know what version its going to upgrade too.
While there is a small risk, it is a low risk. If it were new and not used, at least you'd have warranty as backup maybe. Still, before you start using it in anger I'd probably do the fw update anyway. While less of a problem these days, there are still little things. Doubt it'll improve performance.
Alaic - I don't see an option to just download the file from Samsung's site.. Everything points to use the Samsung Magician tool and that looks like it downloads it and applies right away from what i see. Looks like I have to commit the upgrade before hand...

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mackerel - ok, thanks
Updated to DXM06B0Q, success :)

And just out of curiosity..

SEQ Read - 555MB/s
SEQ Write - 511MB/s
Random IOPS Read - 68,115
Random IOPS Write - 59,814

Which actually is just a margin faster in every area.