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Samsung om55n-s display

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Apr 30, 2024
Hello,i can buy 2 of those display's but the question is can i use them

for gaming?

My dad is arguing with me that he wants to buy it for my 2 son's but

i told him that the reaction time is 8milliseconds and problably 2 slow for gaming?

They are used in a shop as advertising display...
Beyond slow reaction time, that is a 1920x1080p 55" (140cm) display. The pixel density will be really bad for PC gaming, IMHO.

The good news is the kids can game while wearing polarized sunglasses. lol j/k
Hello,yes i know it but my dad is going to buy them for the kids,he is not listening to me.

Buy the way on my son his pc rtx 3090fe ryzen 7 3800xt this monitor is running:

Link removed, English only and no kickback links please, RT

3840x2160 @ 60Htz 4K so he is always complaining while playing fortnite

that he is lagging on the screen,so my wired speed is not so good.

Could it be the connection speed or the monitor?

PS: i just read that the response time from the monitor is also 8milliseconds

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True, but 86mbps down and 26 up is more then enough for every game. The ping being 136 though could be an issue.

If the kid's machine is on Wi-Fi instead of wired as well could have additional latency.

Iirc fortnite benefits from higher refresh rates, so being stuck at 60fps/hz may not be as potent as it is was doubled from there. The system itself is surely good enough to run fortnite at that resolution and refresh rate though
Spot on... good eye!

Assuming the servers are located close to him (they look blacked out), that's a terrible ping to what should be 'local'.
Hello guys,yes i am using a vpn buy i have a new router that i will be using soon when fibre is coming in our home.

What is a kickback link???