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Samsung PC2700 FSB Range?

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Oct 19, 2002
Anchorage, Alaska
as the title states, i just bought a stick of 512MB Samsung PC2700 DDR Ram and i was wondering what kind of and FSB range i could expect to see out of it. i am using an AMD AthlonXP 1600+ cpu and a MSI KT4VL mobo. thanks!
I have Samsung PC2700 and I have a P4 1.6a. I bumped up my FSB to 145 and it seems thats all it can do with at 3:4 ratio. 1:1 I can go 155, I haven't pushed anymore than that though.
Its designed to run at 166mhz but mines running about 185mhz at the moment, its much capable of more too but im satisfied with that, i've heared of many people easily hitting 200mhz with the samsung chips. Theyre good stuff.
on an it7 i was using the most aggressive timings and managed 189mhz. using slack timings i manged to get 210mhz, ddr420 (using the 3:4 ratio).
Mine can handle up to 180, but at the slowest settings, it cannot even do cas2 at 166...I probably just got a bad stick though as I hear alot of people doing great with theirs.