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Samsung PC3200 Cas 2.5, help needed.

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May 9, 2001
I have a 512mb strip of Samsung PC3200 Cas 2.5 DDR memory

In Sisoft Sandra benchmark my benchmark compared to the PC3200 in Sisoft Sandra is a lot lower score. Why would that be?

I am running my Memory at 3-3-6-3. I have tried running at 2-2-5-2, but it creates a registry error, and I had to format my Harddrive. I guess I have crappy memory?


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Jul 16, 2001
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Got a screenshot? It sounds a pretty low score.

Your memory timings should be set a lot faster too.....I run my Crucial PC2100 at 166MHz 7-1-1-1R 4-1-1-1R 2.0-2-2 1CMD with 4-way interleaving.


Also bear in mind that the Sandra benchie score depends on CPU, FSB, and chipset type.......


Nov 14, 2002
Nope..certainly ain't a crappy memory..samsung doesn't like aggresive timings...
Try SPD timings 1st.... i could get my 256 samsung ddr 333 up to 200 fsb with 2 -3-5-3-2 2T command at 2.85v
u need to do some burning in first onto the ram

Btw ur using Tcc4 chipsets for samsung ddr 400?
check out my review on the samsung ddr 400 Tcc4 :



Nov 11, 2002
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Agressive it ain't, but...

...it does OC with SPD timings :)

I couldn't get my stick to do much @2.0-2-2-5, but with SPD timings (2.5-3-3-7)
it OCs to 426Mhz w/o overvolting.

It may not sound like much of a OC triumph, but the extra 26MHz certainly helped out
my 3DMark2001SE as well as Sandra memory scores!

I hit the 12000 club (& that w/o pushing the CPU), and Sandra 2003.1.9.26 benched
3139/Int, 3115/fpu :D

btw, my stick is appearantly provided by some third-party German firm called PowerRam.
However, not only do the chips sport the correct id, but Sandra shows even the
correct Samsung module id (M368L3223DTM-CC4).

Also of interest, Samsung's own spec sheet classifies CC4 as CL3, not CL2.5.

It's not Corsair, but I'm certain that with a little overvolting you can take it higher.


P.S. (aka edit): Runs stable @162FSBx1.33x2=431MHz as well :D
However, both 3DMark & Sandra scores only increased by about 50 units: Doesn't seem worth it....

P.P.S. (aka 2nd edit): Runs stable @164FSBx1.33x2=436MHz!
Sandra @3242/3143 - closest I'll get to PC3500 'till I get a better CPU cooler!
btw, I forgot to turn on my aux. case fans - memory hit 50C!!!.
Don't know 'bout you, but that's my all-time heat record :p I have a single-sided module &
I added a heat spreader & attached a thermal probe to the Hspreader. With aux.
fans on, temp maxes out @44C. Goes to show you how critical good case cooling is :D
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