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Sandra says HT not Enabled?!

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Mar 8, 2002
I get confused...

I have enabled HT in BIOS on my ASUS P4S800D (not -E) but Sandra says that HT is not enabled, anyone knows why? Is there any other way to be sure that it is enabled?

I'm running a P4 2.8E @ 3.43GHz, not so bad - at least what I think...




Jul 25, 2003
Rio de Janeiro
As long as it says HT is enable on post screen, and or you can check in the bios (under advance chipset features depending on your bios) I don't know why sandra says HT is disabled a bug perhaps?


Feb 2, 2002
Karlsruhe, Germany
sandra is ok
check it with taskmgr.exe and see if you have two load-grahp's for both cpu's.
possibly you have win installed without ht (on non ht-cpu).


Mar 3, 2003
Toronto Canada
I agree with Rio71... press control+alt+del and select the Performance tab... if your CPU Usage History is one long graph then you dont have HT enabled... if its split then you do.


Feb 13, 2003
Oh.! Oh..! Now I'm worried. I just installed a P4 3.06 HT (533FSB) on a P4PE mobo and in the Bios HT is enabled but I don't see 2 CPU's in the Task manager...

I ran a movie and also a game at the same time and it seemed like HT was working but I don't see the 2 CPU's in the task manager neither in BIOS post. I just see the HT enabled status when I go to the advance features of the BIOS.

Is there any tool I can use to identify HT is enabled?

Any advise will be appreciated.

Thank You


Feb 13, 2003
Well..! I found this in one of the forums:

To change from ACPI Single To Multiprocessor PC.

* In Device Manager navigate to "COMPUTERNAME/Computer"

* Right click on "Advanced Conficuration and Power Interface (ACPI) PC" and click on "Update Driver"

* Select "Install from a list or specific socation (Advanced) and click Next

* Select "Don't search. I will choose the driver to install" and click Next

* Untick the "Show Compatible Hardware" box and select "Advanced Conficuration and Power Interface (ACPI) Multiprocessor PC" (1) then click Next

* Follow the wizard through untill reboot. Should be good now.

(1) If you do not see this option to select, you may need to manually force windows to think you have 2 CPU's. Listed below is how to do this.

To force windows to think you have 2CPU's.

* Right click on My Computer and go to "Properties"

* Click on the "Advanced" Tab

* Click on the "Environment Variables" button

* Look at the "System Variables" box.

* Make sure the "NUMBER_OF_PROCESSORS" variable is set to 2.

* Reboot if needed.

Hope that helps. If it doesnt work, reinstalling Windows with hyperthreading enabled in the bios will work.