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Saphire HD4650 1gb agp graphics card (over clocking) HELP PLEASE

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Nov 8, 2009
New Zealand
hi there,
I have purchased a saphire HD4650 graphics card and have been reading reviews and wondering if anyone can help me by telling me whether i need some sort of fancy cooling system to overclock this GPU in my computer system like in the review ' http://pcwizkidstechtalk.com/index.php/sapphire-hd4650-review.html?fontstyle=f-larger ' My computer is older, yes i have heard all the recomendations of PCIe and all that jazz, and i agree full heartedly and would go upgrade to that extent if i had one simple thing. The spare funds to fund this lol.
Regardless, this graphics card i purchased has numerous great reviews but to my confusion it says no where about the dangers and recommendations of over clocking it, it sure enough rants on about how easy it is to do so though. My computer is pretty stock standard, 3.2ghz pentium 4 with hyperthreading, 2gb ddr400 ram and a 500W PSU.
I have installed an extra fan in my full tower case below the PSU sucking air out, other than this the Pentium 4 is pretty dependant on its own cooling fan etc.

Making a long question short, can i overclock this graphics card with out buying any extra cooling systems safely as im not keen on cooking this computer quite yet lol. Any help would be great ?
I guess another question would be what is the highest recommended max tempurature for a average graphics card ?

Thanks in advance
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Jun 16, 2001
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Well I can tell you thaty my 4650 is PCIe and I am able to get 715 on the core / 430 on the ram but don't try that. I've got almost 300CFM running through my case. I am rather sure that you could pull off 650/415 without an issue. Sorry I know that isn't much of an OC but at the same point in time I'm giving you a jump in point after that play with it and adjust as you like but I would feel bad if I told you to go for my OC and you burn your card.