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SAPPHIRE HD 7770 — no display signal. Dead, incompatible or needs drivers?

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New Member
May 22, 2017
I bought this SAPPHIRE HD 7770 graphics card second hand. The seller said it was working fine prior to posting it to me. I am now trying to figure out whether it died while in transit, or is incompatible with the rest of my hardware or maybe just needs some BIOS drivers installed (not sure if such a thing even exists!). I've got:

  • Motherboard: Intel S1200KPR
  • CPU: Intel Xeon E3-1270 v2
The card has DVI, HDMI and DisplayPort connectors. I tried all of them. When I turn the PC on, the monitor detects that the cable is connected ('cause when you plug it out, it says no cable) but says there is no signal. The fan on the card is spinning fine though.

To prove that the rest of the hardware is OK, I plugged another graphics card (ATI-102-A924B Radeon X1300), connected it via composite video cable and saw it all working.

Any suggestions or ideas will be appreciated!
I would like to pronounce this card dead but there are some last rites to be observes beforehand. You have already reseated the card, which is good troubleshooting so far. Next is the confirm that you have plugged in all necessary cables. It happens to the best of us; forgetting the 6/8 pin connection to the psu on the top or back of the card. I am not sure your GPU has an external power connection, but make certain it is plugged in :) There are a couple other more desperate moves to determine the life of your new card, but lets get the basics out of the way.

You should get some sort of screen, however, with the default Windows driver and it is discouraging that you dont even get to see the BIOS.
Doing just a little research into into this card it appears that it does not have the dual bios switch like my 7850 vapor-x so you have no option to switch back to the stock bios (assuming it's not stock). You're only options at this point is to reseat the card, verify that the 6=pin power cable is connected and that the signal cable to your monitor is good.

Since you've tried the above already I would concur with knoober. You sir own a dead card. The only thing left is to test it in a different system altogether but I doubt it will gain life.
Hey guys, great thanks for so quick replies and the 6/8 pin hint! LOL but I DID NOT connect anything to the card apart plugging it into the PCI-E slot (which I thought should provide the power). Will let you know how it went soon!
just wait till you chase one around you can see in the bios and get nothing on the screen, an hour later i find I turned off the monitor!!!!
I've got one on the shelf at home that Im pretty sure is dead, but when I think back I can't remember if I troubleshot properly or not. I havent had time to throw it into a system anywhere, so on the shelf it sits. All because I can't remember if I plugged in that 6-pin! :)