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Sapphire R7 370 4GB question

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Dec 13, 2015
What do you guys think of the Sapphire R7 370 4GB model? I said before in an Nvidia thread that the card I have now (a Radeon 6000 series) will hold me over until Nvidia releases their new chipsets later this year, but after doing some more research, it seems that the first card they release in April to June will be their low end card. The mid cards won't show up until Winter 2016-2017. I was thinking of tiding myself over with the Sapphire R7 370. The 4GB of ram is quadruple what I've got now. It should allow me to play Assassin's Creed and The Witcher 3 and other recent games at medium settings, at least. What are your thoughts on the card? Can I go with it, or should I go with the R9 200 series, which has 3GB of memory, but is newer, I think? Again, I'm just looking for something to get me to Nvidia's newer architecture mid range cards (like the 970 now). Thanks for any input. :)

Edit: Nevermind, the minimum requirements for Assassin's Creed is the R9 270, so I know which card I have to get. Thanks anyway, guys. Should have looked at the system requirements before posting, :)
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The midrange is slated to be here soon last rumor I saw, not low end.

3 series amd is a rebranded of 2 series. So while technically it's newer, the 3 series, it's the same exact thing (outside of clocks and more vram on some models) for all intents and purposes.

Tough for anyone to give you clear direction considering we are not sure what nvidia will bring out shortly.. it won't be their hbm2/flagship though.
Everything aside, the r7 370 4gb has taken over as the DUMBEST card on the market. The price disparity between an r9 380 and a r7 370 is so low, they actually compete!

The card itself is not strong enough to even utilize graphics to 4gb itself, and even in crossfire will still slack. 2gb will suffice on most settings on most games on 1080p gaming at this time. SOME games will pull way more, but they are oddballs at this point in time.

If you have an r9 270, I would tough it out until polaris and pascal arrive.
Thanks for the responses. Guess I'll hold off for now...see what comes out this summer.