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Saved 10'C with this CASE MOD + Arctic Silver II ...

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Mar 1, 2001
I have an Antec Case with perforated side panels. The 120mm fan is PanaFlo. I'm running a AMD Tbird 1.1GHz with a FOP32-1 on a MSI K7T Turbo motherboard. CPU temp sensor went from 51'C loaded before case mod & arctic silver II, to 41'C after.

I've pushed it up to 140x9.5=1.33GHz at 46'C loaded (1.75V).

Hinge out
For a better result, get a bit of dryer/washing machine tubing and attach one end around the 120mm fan and the other over your entire CPU H/S + fan, this was all air sucked down the tube straight to your CPU.

Then make a hole at the bottom of the tubing next to your back fan, that was all air comes in, cools your CPU down then has a direct flow out of the back of your case, maybe another fan at the top of you case to push air around the rest of the system would be good aswell.

Hopet his helps.
Is the cpu socket on the MSI positioned so that it blows air front and back? Thats what it looks like on your pic..
Both my boards have the air from the sink blowing straight up and down...
That would be kinda cool to have it like yours though, being able to suck out that air with a fan right on the back of the case must really help!
My epox has the hot air from the cpu blowing right over the northbridge ( but at least that has a fan on it... though its tiny) and down on the video card.

On your diagram, after you modified it, you show the holes towards the front of the case as red, do they exhaust now?
Great post!
Correct, the FOP32-1 heatsink fins run horizontal allowing for the hot air to be pulled out the backside.

And correct again, the 120mm case fan basically pressurizes the entire case ( notice no front grill fan ) - I haven't actually checked the side panel holes for escaping air though to confirm it.

FYI, the 120mm case fan placement was very strategic. I wanted to 1) drive cool air into the CPU fan, 2) drive cool air to the right of the heatsink to ensure a right-to-left airflow through the heatsink, 3) drive cool air onto the northbridge chip between the cpu & memory, and 4) drive cool air down over my GF2 GTS graphics card.

I think this solution gave me a pretty good overclocking environment with minimum case fan noise (80mm exhaust + 120mm case).

Hinge out
Hey Hinge. Mine's just like that too! Only I have a chrome orb, and I use the Radio Shack brand of thermal paste. Only thing is now the weather is starting to warm up, and now I'm considering the alpha cooler/w a pelt. Long term is one of those new ice cases (the vapo-chill).
I overclocked my GF2 32MB GTS last night for the 1st time. Took the memory speed from 333MHz to 402MHz no problems ! I think the 120mm case fan blowing down on the graphics card helped me get there !

Hinge out