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SB Audigy Fake, BS??!!!

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The Modfather

I read the entire post and still don't have an opinion on this subject.

I think that if Creative DID just re-badge the SBL, and they get caught, it will have all KINDS of negative effects on them.

However, there was one reply by Anonymous Gerbil here: http://www.tech-report.com/news_reply.x/3456/ that really hit the nail on the head: "My point here is that there's something everybody's missing and that's how the damn thing sounds. That's the only criteria that should matter. All else it just frosting. You can fool the eye, but not the ear. "

That is sooo true.


Jul 17, 2001
Denver, Colorado
I heard about this at TR also. They alwasy get the crazy rumours:)

I think it very possible that the Audigy is just a Live with firewire; I've listened to them both and there is no real difference. With the extra features the Audigy is supposed to have, it should be sounding much better, or at least different somehow.

I want to hear what Creative says about this before I make up my mind.


Senior Thread Hijacker
May 17, 2001
Six inches to the right.
Monster of Rock said:
I think it very possible that the Audigy is just a Live with firewire

Be that as it may, my roommates hear a difference (I'm mostly deaf in one ear, so I really have no opinion), but I do like having fire wire without using up an extra PCI slot for a firewire card.


Dec 29, 2001
ever since i brunt out my CPU when i ahve to use the mixer EMU10K1 ..... i can't get audigy D400 to work right