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Sblive holding me back????

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Feb 25, 2002
Calgary AB Canada
Hey guys... when I have my p3 866 overclocked to 1007 which is 155fsb... I ran prime 95 for 12hours without errors which tells me that my ram and my cpu can handle the overclock but as soon as I get into a game boom it crashes but the wierd thing is the sound keeps going for 20 seconds... like I was playing quake3 and it locked but I could still move just the screen locked up but I could jump and hear the jump sound then 20 seconds later it hard locked.... now what I'm wondering if it is my sblive value that is holding me back??? could it also be my hard drive??? or could it be my hercules geforce 2????
My guess would be your vid card... what is your AGP slot clocked to? At the higher agp bus speed you may not be able to oc the vid card as much... or if your using agp 4x... try setting it to 2x. Perhaps fastwrites is enabled?
it's set at 4x and fastwrites and sidebanding is disabled..... oh and also what would be the performance hit when running in 2x mode?? if any
Very small... usually about 2% difference or so... VERY small. When weighing stability VS. speed... 2x would be the way to go. Also when you consider that at 2x you can raise the FSB even higher... you'll make up for the 2x VS. 4x difference. An example from personal experience... on my uncles old system I couldn't run his GF2 MX400 at agp 4x while experimenting. It would lock up in 3dmark. After dropping down to 2x, I was able to run 3dmark without a hitch AND was able to raise the FSB higher maintaining stability in 3dmark ;)
good lord man you are a god I have been posting in forums for 6 months and have tried everything under the sun at trying to get her stable at 155fsb and now that you have shown me the way I was able to play a full game of nhl2002 without a lockup... I dunno if I should push the fsb upto 160... cuz I hear that you can fry your harddrive quite easily at that fsb.... what have you heard?
Really depends on the hard drive... some handle high fsbs better than others. With my Maxtor... I get corrupted files at 140 FSB... but that was on a P3B-F using a 1/4 pci divider... depends on your divider at that speed and your HD.
well I have 2 hard drives 1 is a quantum fireball lm 7200rpm drive and the second one is a seagate st18 5400rpm drive... also how will I tell if I'm getting corrupted files??? and I think the pci divider is 1/3 all I know is that at 155fsb the pci clock is 38.75
That would be the 1/4 divider. Hmmm... I guess the only way to know would be to try. You'll know if your getting corrupted files if you get an error during the OS log-on. Also might try the HD bench in Sandra to see how it does.
the sandra hd benchmark took extremely long and didn't come up so I ctr-alt-del and shut it down... also microsoft internet explorer seems to be running awefully slow.. and it doesn't wanna load pages very well but I can log into windows no problem and I havn't had a bsod or any kernel errors yet am I in the clear?
Hmmm... I'd double check the IE thing... what pages was it? If it was the forums... I just had a problem with that myself... so maybe try some other sites... and other programs.
ya it was the forums page... all other pages loading excellently... thanks for all your great info man... I really appreciate it... I've been striving for 1007 for like 6 months and I can't believe the answer was sitting right under my nose!!! hehe well thanks again man