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SBLIVE is acting crazy

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Senior Member
Dec 18, 2000
North Little Rock, Arkansas
hey guys and gals

its wierd

i havent had a problem ONE out of my SBLIve for the last 4 or 5 months of running my KT7A-RAID


my southbridge was made the 53rd week of 2000

didnt know we had 53 weeks in 2000 but thats what the damn chip says

anyway i shouldnt exsperance all these probems like alot of yuou have


yesterday i poped up winamp and went to play and its all scratchy and popping and stuff


i have done everything from oveing to differn slots to assigning irq's ( no comficts anywhere though) updating the driver and hell everything i have tried

i dont know where to go now

still popping

got 4.31 with the 4.32 patch and everything


anyone help me please
Me thoughts there's only 52 weeks in a year.....

Anyways. You need to install the newest VIA drivers. There is an issue with the Southbridge and the Live. The newest 4-in-1's take care of this issue.

Whoops, I see you already did that. What slot is the SB Live in. I heard from a few people that the slot location is a factor also.

Just curious, are you having any problems moving files of over 100Meg?
A friend of mine has poping and cracking issues with his SB Live card too, but he i using a board with a BX chipset.

One thing I found when the Lives drivers become corrupt (mysteriously), I have never been able to repair them by reinstalling/updating just the drivers.

A format did the trick though.... but also take more time..and never gives a fullfilling answer. I blame these problems on corrupt drivers.

(ps. Make sure your Live isn't sharing IRQ's, I had to force mine cause I have some idiotic IRQ allocation going on)
I only get some crackling when multitasking, but that's from the northbridge (whatever -- bus cpu is called). I think it's the motherboard straining under my awesome might!
well i been thinking and it didnt start it till i moved my card to a differn slot
i have tryed all and also put it back where it was the first time
i guess its format time
but no biig deal
its about that time anyway
Clicking and popping are usually caused by many factors. Some of them include:
[#] motherboard noise
[#] graphic card interference
[#] USB devices

Many of these problems can be solved by upgrading the drivers, and flashing the firmware of the hardware in question. Be sure to have the latest drivers installed.

Sometimes, disabling UDMA in your BIOS will work. Reducing the hardware acceleration of your graphic card may also help.

Some Things To Try

The control panel has some extra sound card settings that you can use to set the speakers and tweak performance options.
First, go to control panel and open up Sounds and Multimedia Properties. Select the Audio tab.
Click on the Advanced button in the Sound Playback frame. This dialog box will pop up
One of the tabs is Performance.
Here you can decrease Hardware acceleration slider to solve certain motherboard noise issues.

Some motherboards have settings relating to "PCI latency timer", which you can try lowering to 0

If it crackles with hard disk access, try installing the latest UDMA drivers for your particular motherboard and/or check that you have enabled DMA for the hard drives, CD-ROMs, DVD-ROMs and CD-RW drives

As a last resort, disable UDMA on your machine, which works on many users' machines with the VIA chipset for AMD processors
The Via 4.32 driver reportedly solves this issue although I can not comfirm this fact.

A Bios update may solve your problem.. a detailed explanation of all the available bios's can be found Here hope this helps