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sblive probs in win2k and winme

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Jun 3, 2001
my system:
duron 800@1000 superorb
geforce 2 pro 32mb (240/400)
asus a7v-133
256mb ram
seagate barracuda 3 30gb
windows me
nvidia 12.41 official
latest via 4 in 1 drivers (forgot the ver but im sure its latest i dled from via site)
liveware 3 for winme and also tried win2k

i reformatted my hd and installed the 12.41 nvidia drivers .after this i plugged in the sblive value and installed liveware 3 for winme and did more benchmarks. here are hte results

Without soundblaster live (quake 3 benchmarks were done without sound)
quake 3 fastest: 146fps
quake 3 high: 129fps
quake 3 MAX 1024: 98

After instaling sblive and liveware 3 for winme (quake 3 benchmarks were done without sound)
quake 3 fastest: 115
quake 3 high: 115fps
quake 3 MAX 1024: 98

This is really wierd cause my friend's benchmark:
athlon 1ghz
geforce ddr
256mb ram

with sblive installed
Quake 3 fastest: 140fps
quake 3 high: 117fps
quake 3 Max 1024: 70fps
his geforce ddr is faster than my gf2 at low res!! (only if i have my sblive isntalled)

y does my sblive limit my average fps to 115fps???? is it my via kt133a mobo?

im not sure if this is because of VIA mobos, (i had a BX b4 but i didnt check it), but can someone help me?
but do u know wat the issue or problem is?

i've installed latest via 4 in 1 drivers and also the 686b via bugfix

also nvidia 12.41
Actually, after uninstalling my SBLive 5.1 completely and reinstalling JUST the windows drivers, I have been allowed to push more mhz outta my system. Before I did that I couldn't get past 1.4gigs, now I can get up to 1.47 stable. Take liveware out, most games nowadays have the sound setups in thier programs and no need for the liveware anyways. Just a suggestion.
I agree with Tacoman667. Try removing the liveware and running the benchmarks again.

I've seen on several sites that VIA and SB Live cards don't always play nice together. I've yet to see a fix tho and VIA just blames Creative. Course VIA doesn't believe they have ANY issues, but they have to keep releasing patches......hmmmmm...........