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Scores from my 5/19/10 live session

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Senior Member
May 10, 2009
The abbreviated version for now, i'll put the screenshots up when it isn't almost midnight. I still need to cook and eat dinner!
CPU is a core2duo e4500.

So, here we go:

CPUz: All validation save files reading as corrupt.
PiFast: 7th, for 3 boints.
SuperPi 1m: 9th for 7.2 boints.
SuperPi 32m: 3rd (by 400ms, in a 12 minute bench!) for 3.9 boints.
wPrime32m: 3rd, for 8ish boints (hwbot thinks it's a 4x, i need a hwb mod to correct it to get the proper boints)
wPrime 1024m: 2nd, for 6.3ish boints (see wPrime 32m).

All in all i'm quite happy, though the CPUz corruption sucks.
looks like you had a very good night. makes it all worth the effort it takes to really wring the last bit out of the proc.
Good job Bob! Sucks about the Validations... you figure out what the problem was?
Gah, sorry khem :(

No clue on the validations, i need to try that copy of cpuz at totally stock clocks, i suspect the program itself may have borked.
Got an update on those chips from eBay? Really looking forward to that session if you stream it. Hopefully you can get the CPUz problem figured out.
What version is it?

The version that costs me boints!

Ok i don't know. I'll check in an hour or so, right now i need to clean the house, eat breakfast, shower, and get to work.

Celeron D 347 got sniped(I'm not paying >$10 for a cpu i couldn't bare to use), 631 and 641 don't end for a couple days.
Bobnova, you prolly know this already, but it's something I forget to do sometimes. Say I name a CPUZ validation file "5034" (for MHz), then is won't be read by the validator. You have to add the .cvf in the name, so I have to rename to "5034.cvf" to get it to work.
had a great time watching both you and miah last night. wtg guys