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Screen issue, Half looks like an old CRT (IPS LCD)

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Feb 26, 2013
Southwest Michigan

HP Pavilion 23bw
I have 3 of these, and the other ones are fine.
Connected by DVI
different connector didnt help (switched from DVI to HDMI)

as you can see on the left side of the screen the white looks more pinkish, and also it's sort of blurry. from normal viewing distance i can notice the individual pixles, especially around the "search windows" area. It looks like an old CRT screen if you got too close... except i'm 3 feet away...
If you open the image in a new tab and zoom in, the issue becomes much more clear.

is my screen broken? these aren't cheap... fml
the warranty expired last month too it seems.
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That's no good. It looks like your only options are to have it repaired, or replace it. I'm guessing that repair would cost close to as much as a new one, but I can't confirm it.
Don't new 1080p IPS monitors run in the $150 range now, though? I mean, if this is a widespread issue across that line, I don't think replacing it with the same thing is a good idea.
yeah it's more like... i have 3 of them for surround gaming. so to replace 1 of them and not the other 2 will screw things up.

so it ends up being a lot more expensive
now a 2nd screen went bad??? And this one isnt even the same brand, this was one i was borrowing. WTF IS THISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS
It's the same damn symptoms as the other screen, but this one is even worse and green tinted instead of pink. I dont understand, there isnt any magnets next to it or anything like that and this screen is just a TN LCD screen