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Screen refreshes every so often??Help?

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Oct 11, 2001
Come on guys I really need advice??Help?

As you can read in my sig I'm preety happy with my 5900 with no volt mod other than a little from MB bios 1.6v, My screens refreshes every so often and I check the core clock and mem, but everthing is still there and it doesnt do it when i'm benchmarking any program?? I get no artifacts or white dots unless I clock the core and mem to 500/970, doesn't seem to like 500/950 either so 490/950 it is for now even though the auto detect found a sweet spot @ 520/1000 ??? I heard there was a problem if you put too much juice through it will default back to default core/mem even though it still shows the higher clock speed in coolbits?? It still ran 490/950 at a default 1.5volt on MB bios but when i really started playing I bumped it up to 1.6 because I always thought thats what you do???? I'm not new to this, my avatar was my old machine before I made this beast... Any help would greatly be appriciated!!! Thanks...
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