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Seagate Baracuda or Maxtor D740X on a ATA100 system?

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Jan 12, 2002
I have a Epox 8KHA+ and was wondering which would run faster on this board seeing as it has ATA100, the Maxtor D740X ATA133 or Seagate Baracuda IV?

Cowboy X

Oct 12, 2001
Folding in Barbados
My seagate barracuda is serving me quite well .............. i also have 2 medalists in the old rig with a maxtor .

Both drives offer very good performance , the Maxtor may have a very slight edge but all 7200 rpm drive from the big 4 makers give almost identical good performance. Except probably the large cache western digital drives which are the best drives right now.

maxtor has ATA 133 which is only slightly faster than 100 ( u have 100 anyway ) and there is the much renowned quiet fluid bearing model . But my seagate has a sinilar feature and is the quietest drive I've ever been near to .

I'd say it's still a toss up ........... on a non ata 133 system I'd get a seagete if I can't afford a big cache WD .