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Seagate Barracuda LP ST31500541AS 1.5TB

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Jul 7, 2006
I own one of them and 7 other 1.5tb drives. I have had no problems with it but I don't like it as much as other options out there for media storage.

heres my personal ranking of current 1.5tb drives:

1) Samsung F2 EcoGreen
2) Western Digtal Green
3) Seagate LP
4) Seagate 7200.11

The samsung and western digital drives are very close to each other but there are some differences. They trade blows in power consumption under different usage levels but are essentially are the same in regards to power unless you are building a huge array. In regards to speed the western digital is faster to respond and deal with small files but the samsung has a higher sustained transfer rate. For media storage they will both exceed speed requirements for any video and will also saturate gigabit ethernet speeds. The samsung drive has 3 platters where as the western digitals uses 4 which is why I give the nod to samsung for the top spot.

The LP you linked is in third on my list due falling behind samsung and WD in every factor that matters for media storage. The LP draws more power, runs hotter, and has 4 platters instead of 3 even though seagate could make it with 3. IIRC it has the best sustained transfer rate out of the low rpm drives but for media storage and playback all of them are fast enough for any video you can throw at them.

The 7200.11 is in last for many reasons.

If you stand to save money by going with the seagate LP its worth getting, but you can get a WD or Samsung for the same price go with one of those.
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May 7, 2008
Phoenix, AZ
Thanks for the reply. It will be a media storage drive & will store the metadata/xml files for media display in W7 media center. I'm not concerned about studder during playback, I just don't want it to display & populate movie libraries sluggishly...


Feb 27, 2002
I have been buying only Seagate drives for the past several years. However with these new lower power drives they seem to have many issues including clicking and other sounds.

I did alot of looking around and decided on the Samsung F2 EcoGreen as suggested. To me this was the best drive right now with super low power consumption. This will be my data drive for my new build.

Hope this helps...