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Sealing peltiers

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Senior Member
Dec 18, 2000
What can I use to seal my peltier (to make it potted) , can I just use some HIGH temp silicone?

Also where can I get some dielectric grease?!?

I am itching to get the pelt on the p/// 700...
yea..i read somewhere that high temp silicon is what you use. i think it was octools. it's kinda red looking.

as for diaelectic grease....i ordered some from swifttech.
The high temp silicon is what Leufken recommends for his. I believe he says to go with an automotive one.
Door Knob (Mar 29, 2001 09:55 p.m.):
where did you find it engjohn?

It came to me in a dream...

I was asking for swifttech's web address but gummed up my reply... DOH!
bdf24 (Apr 02, 2001 06:41 p.m.):
You can buy dielectric grease at any automotive store. a small tube for about maybe $2.00 or less.

I know, I just found it at Pep-Boys, right after ordering it online for like 7bucks with shipping...
hehe...sorry about that. <gulp> swifttech ended up being backordered on another item for 2 to 3 weeks. kinda irked me that they didnt post the backorder on their site or contact me. anyway, i finally had my order canceled and saved some money on the dielectric grease in the process. =) will head up to pep boys.