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Sealing up my s370 adapter for peltier cooling...

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Senior Member
Dec 18, 2000
Take a look at the pic below, I have put 2 coats of PlastiDip on the back of the slocket. As you can see it forms to the board. My question is, if I have the front and back sealed like this, am I still going to need a lot of neoprene? Or can I get away with just enough to insulate the chip and the peltier?
I will be filling the socket with dielectric grease and a neoprene square for the center of the socket.

Any comments or suggestions?
Well What you have done by coating the slot kit with plastic is basically only making it water proof. It can still get cold and cause condensation. If it does it wont hurt the slot kit, but can drop water onto you board or you Video card.

I have never put layers of neoprene around my whole cpu to seal it. I did pot it and I had closed cell foam around most of the front of the chip and then a thinner layer of closed cell foam pressed up against the back of the chip.

Although I'm only running a 50w tec right now and when overclocked to 1000mhz it does not run cool enough to have to worry about water building up. As a matter of fact right now I dont have any foam to seal of my cpu. Just have the pelt and cold plater exposed!

But I do have an 86w tec in the mail i'm waiting for. Then I will slapp on the insulation. And Yes I was even thinking of picking up some cheap mouse pads to seal it off totaly Just to be on the safe side.

So I guess it depends on how big of a tec you are using and how safe you want to play it.

I have heard of guys also running switches on there tecs to switch from 7v to 12v when putting the cpu under stress. So They dont have to worry about running to cold at 7v. But when gaming or doing something cpu intensive they throw the pelt to full use by switching to 12v for some stability.

Me personally would rather just take all the precautions and play it safe. Seal her up and go baby!
I will be running an 80w tec with a 15v-10a power supply. So it should get pretty darn cold. I guess that I will put a layer of foam arount the whole thing to prevent water from dripping on other components.