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New Member
Jun 25, 2001
I want to put a thermaltake gold orb for p3 on a celery 366 slot 1 sepp. Would there be a conflict with the cartridge type. (the guy at tigerdirect.com thought there would be) If so what other good fans would you recommend? I want to set the chip to 550 so I need a good one.
I also have a procomp b687 motherboard that I am putting the chip on. Info says it can only go to 550mhz, can I overclock that??
If you lapped the top of the processor, a GlobalWin FAB-24/28 will do the trick. However, I haven't seen one advertised for a good while. http://www.1coolpc.com still advertises HSF's for SEPP processors. They're not as cheap as the FAB's were, but the FAB's were very minimalistic HSF's, anyway.

As to GORB's, I honestly don't know if one will fit on SEPP's. GORB's aren't very capable HSF's. If they won't fit on SEPP CPU's, it's not a tragedy.

I have a (S370 form factor) PPGA Celly 366 that runs all day long at 550 Mhz Clock/100 Mhz FSB at 2.0 volts, Vcc. When you've been looking at P3E temps for a bit, OC'd Celly's temps are scary at first blush!

I've never tried this apotheosis of original Celerons beyond 100 Mhz FSB. 100 Mhz is already a ~33% overclock, I don't want to kill the golden goose.