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second hard drive

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Nov 1, 2001
I want to put my old hard drive into my system for a little more space. I physically installed it and it is being dected in the BIOS but in windows it is not there.

The Drive probably still has an OS and data on it, I can't remember if I formatted it before I took it out. I don't care about the data on It I just want 10 more gigs of space.

What am I not doing.


Hi Scott.

You may want to create a dos boot disk (if that is possible with your os) go into dos to see if it is being detected there. If so, then format that dude.

I myself always format a new disk, whether it needs it or not. It just gives the system that much more of a chance of being stable.

I know you said the bios detected it, but I got to ask about the jumpers anyway, just in case. With me, it's the simple sh*t that always wastes my time, so that's where I look first.
Got it! Went into DOS and reformatted and it magically appeared on my next boot.
Thanks-sometimes it is the most obvious.
BTW jumpers were proper!
kewl, glad to here it! no better feeling than when it all comes together.:D

Your Welcome

BTW: If no ones told you yet, Welcome to the forums!