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Second PSU to power Pump

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Jan 20, 2001
I have just rigged out my new Juno P6 case with my H2o system, I have put an old 250W AT psu on the highest psu port, Thought was to have it for a few quiet fans with a temp sensor adjuster

Now i am wondering if it is possible to power my submersible pump somehow from this AT psu so as to save me having another lead going to my power sockets

A...Is this possible ?
B...If so easy explanation would be needed (i have volt modded mobo's/soldered/welded and generally abused stuff all my life lol but never messed with innards of a psu lol)
C...List and rough price of parts required

I am in the UK so use double the volts to the USA and have had quite a few jolts from electricity here and it kinda hurts lol so don't wanna try this without some guidance :)

Pumps a magnetic submersible rated as 15W made by Otter

Hope this makes sense

Happy OC'ing

Anyone ? or maybe an idea where to search for info ?

Happy OC'ing

Seems to me that if you used this setup and wired the switch of the AT power supply to the normally open leads of the relay, it should do it. If I remember correctly, AT power supplies had to have two circuits closed to power up, so you'd need a relay that has enough poles to handle the four wires.