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Secure way of connecting 2 comps.

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Mar 11, 2002
Chicago, IL
Here's my question: I have 2 computers that I would like to share files. One is Win XP pro, and the other is Win 2000 pro. They are both sharing a cable modem with an Imac (that thing sucks). I just have a 5 port hub after the Cable Modem. No router.

I mainly want to just transfer MP3 files so I can play them over the network on my basement PC. But I am worried about Windows File Sharing and its security.

What would be a secure way of doing this?
The best way is to set up a firewall of some kind. The easiest way is to get a cable/dsl router and connect it between the modem and hub. if you have an older spare PC, you could set that up between the modem and hub and put a firewall on it.
As a matter of fact I do have a spare PC. Right now its only job is to Fold. Any ideas on programs and the OS? I'm new to firewalls.
I don't know much about Linux. I did install it, but had trouble had a few issues. Does anybody know a good place to get info about this stuff?
here this is winroute, they have a trial and it will do all you want from your spare computer, which will then function as a nat router

it will also allow you to port map, proxy and configure it in many ways, including firewalling, it is stealthy

u set it up on the spare that connects to your cable modem and then connect your hub to your spare and everything connects to the hub, it works with/on any OS, has good support and manual

There is no such thing as total security, there is always a way around everything. But you can make ur network more secure. Make sure that you get a firewall, like zonealarm. that should take care of it
At Costco Wholesale i bought McAffe Virus scan and McAffee Uninstaller bundle for $8 after the rabate. McAffee Virus Scan come with a free firewall that works quite well.
I know that know computers are ever truly secure, but I'm sure you can get it more secure that if you just networked two computers. I'm just don't want to leave my computers wide open and make it easy.