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Seeds of Discontent

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Feb 13, 2001
Twin Cities
Hi Gang;
While perusing the articles, tips, etc from the Main page, I happened to stop and read an interesting one about Temperature measurement.

"And the scales shall be removed from his eyes".

Boy do I feel like a dupe. I have been reveling in uninformed success with regard to my cooling solution here too llong.

The issue raised, of mainboard CPU thermistor positioning is very valid. I originally pried mine up far enough to contact the bottom of the CPU, applied a small dib of AS and was smug in assuming it would read the temperature close enough for experimenting. After reading the article, I verified that, indeed, on my KT7 Raid, the thermistor is touching out beneath the edge of my core. I repositioned it in contact with the CPU directly below the core and the readings I got were significantly different than where it was previously. Also, while monitoring the actual temp, it responds much more rapidly, so the compression factor in that article rings true. The sad result of this knowledge is the loss of faith in my FOP-32, which I have been worshipping up til now. Looks like a bigger HSF is in my future as my core to ambient temp differentials are much higher than I originally though they were.

In conclusion, read those articles!

Ive been meaning to do the same thing on mine. Im starting to think my temps are to good to be true, I have a tbird 900 with a orb, that gets 27 idle and 40 under load.
I have nightmares of my actual temps being 100000c!!!!! Oh the humanity! :(
mikewarrior2 has been spreading the word on socket A temps being inacurate for quiet a while he posts at anandtech thermaltake has said thay will sue him if he dosnt shut his web site down because of the things he has said about them here is his site makes for some good reading

ive also posted a thread in cooling that is conected with some of the people he works with

Nevin at Artic Silver has a short blurb on this http://www.arcticsilver.com/measurement1.htm .

It continues to amaze me how ignorant the overclocker Web Sites continue to be on this issue. The ThermoEngine review and following discussion at HARDOCP is the latest most blatant example. I guess getting free stuff all of the time tends to jade your reasoning abilities.
Inaccuracy in inaccuracy's mesuring...

Here's a small , constructive comment I've written to M.Warrior.

Dear M.Warrior,

concerning your article related to the Socket A's temperature reading inaccuracy (sorry I'm french), I should tell that I greatly appreciate that somebody raises such concern, since it's such an important issue.

I can do nothing but agree with you all along the lines, except for one precise thing. Please don't think that I want to criticize you in a bad way.

One thing struck me: you are (with great reasons) addressing inaccuracy problems., but when you come to calculate the percentage of some deviation, you seem to divide the temperature in Celsius (which can appear quite normal for the profane) by other temperature in Celsius. The problem is that, as you know, the Celsius scale is not an absolute scale. Thus, we cannot operate this kind of division in order to obtain relevant ratios of error. (just to test, try to convert the "bad" and the "good" readings in Fahrenheit, and do the calculation again...) The only way you can do this is by using the Kelvin scale.

This, however does not diminish in any way the otherwise extremely relevant concerns you raised.

Thank you for reading me.

Best regard

Antoine-Miguel Robitaille