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Seeking advice: Exchange A7V333 or buy different board?

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i810 Forever

Apr 6, 2002
Had no luck at all with my A7V333 so its getting RMA'd. Should I just exchange it for the same board or should I get a refund and then buy a different board? (Epox 8K5A3+ is the same price as the A7V333, Abit KX7-333 is almost $30 cheaper but out of stock at the moment).
I can say that the Epox 8k5a3+ is a great board, I have one myself. Well worth the money.

6 USB 2.0 ports
Great Voltage adjustment to 2.2 Volts !
HighPoint 374 RAID controller with RAID 0, 1 and 0+1
Way better than the Promise Controllers in every way
Very Stable!
Bios support for Tbred 2400 and 2600 already out

On board AC97 audio ewww But if you use a sound card that wont be a problem
ive been following ya man. and as ive stated before my experiaces with that board hasent been a 10 either.
my probs are due to psu now tho.grounding os gone.
id try the epox. i wanted it when i bought this one.noone sells em locally tho.the abit has a great record also.
for some reason im just not sold on asus yet.
I talked w/ a guy at the closest PC shop and I was told that an Epox board working great out of the box is a 50/50 chance. The fact that NewEgg dropped Epox a while ago b/c the high return rates don't look good either. I'd like an Epox board, but all I really want is something that will *work* out of the box. I originally got my CPU, Mobo, & RAM from NewEgg on the 12th, but I was sent an AROGA instead of an AGOIA. 10 days later I got my AGOIA, hook it all up, but after 2 minutes it died on me, with the problem pointing to the board. Its the 27th now and I just want to get this system running. I've been using a Celeron 600 on an i810 motherboard w/ PCI video for nearly 3 years and I've been drooling over an upgrade for quite a while.

Abits are supposed to be less defective from what I've read, so I'm not leaning towards a KX7-333. With putting together a system that works being my main goal at the moment, should I try the Epox?
Seems like you are in a tough situation. If the Abit is in stock, I would definitely go with the Abit. If it doesn't come back in stock, go with the Asus. Newegg did drop a number of Epox's due to having numerous returns since it is defective so after having a dead board I know how you feel about taking chances at the moment.

Returning the Asus all together and buying a KX7-333 at Mwave ($80, almost $40 cheaper than the Asus). A few Q's though- is the Volt mod hard? and since the board is cheaper, what cooling can I get for $30 or under?