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Seeking IBM SameTime 2.5 and 3.0 download

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New Member
May 16, 2016
Hi All

I am looking for copies of IBM SameTime 2.5 and 3.0 for a project a client is working on. If anyone has a download link or a copy they can pass on please let me know. I can't find the software anywhere unless it is the latest version.

Welcome to the forums.
Perhaps in your search you have already come across a page suggesting that old versions of SomeTime actually can be downloaded by registered users:
I don't know how old that information is and if you have registration access...

I sympathize with your plight :) It is *tough* getting old versions of some software... For this precise reason, I started making a personal archive of things I cared about in the late 1990s but unfortunately SameTime is not part of it. To this day, I save every new version of every software I care about... I remember trying to find old versions of Windows and trying to find other old things only to have 90% of threads on every forum I asked this in be posts of me justifying myself for asking... Just recently on this very forum someone asked about Adobe Acrobat 8 updates, which are nowhere to be found any more, but which work just fine even on Windows 10 with a trick workaround... Good luck in your search, friendly advice: I found it helps to start these requests with disclaimers on why - say for historical purposes or anything that assures people you won't be actually using it... ;)
Maybe your experience is different from mine on this.