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Seeking reliable CPU fan

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New Member
Jun 25, 2001
There are plenty of claims regarding which CPU fan cools the best, but I want to know which is the most reliable.

I've got a dual-CPU (read: can't fit monster heatsinks) Pentium3 machine that is offsite, so reliability is a high priority for me. If either CPU has a temperature above Intel spec, the machine will shut down. That's bad. Plus I've had a few fans that got flakey after a while.

So what I want to know is, which CPU can will last the longest? I'm more than willing to trade a little cooling performance for the knowedge that the fan will continue to cool effectively.

Opinions, please? Thank you.
I just said this in a post on Top Motor fans but I'll reiterate. Find the engineering spec's for different fans and look at things like nominal operating temperatures, MTBF, etc.

I personally like Sanyo Denki's engineering.