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Seems I have a problem with H2O

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Wicked Klown

Hard *** Southern Boy Senior
Dec 20, 2000
Sheboygan, Wisconsin
Ok I hooked my shroud to my heater core and put everything in. I switched from a res to a T-line. Filled everything up and now it seems like my water level is going down. I hvae napkins all over the computer and all of them are still dry. Where could the water be going.
It's probably just displacing air in the heatercore.
Your new "res"(t-line) is now 1/2" across, so you're waterlevel drop looks much more drastic than it would in your old rez, an ounce would show as 3 inches of tubing.
The heatercore can take a week to let all it's trapped air out, and you may see some air bubbles further down the road from water's ability to "make" air (leave a glass of water standing out overnight, you'll see new bubbles form in it). This'll happen everytime you put fresh water in.

Have fun bro, and relax, it sounds like you got your leak monitoring covered.