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Self made software to monitor and control CPU & GPU temperatures, free for you.

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Apr 8, 2016
Self made software to monitor and control CPU & GPU temperatures, free for you.

Hi. My contribution to extend the life of laptops and pc's.
I play a lot with my laptop, if with a laptop, because the pc to play, a bug, uses the child. The fact is that playing heavy games, COD, battlefield, crysis, etc on the laptop, because the moves well, since it is an i7 with nvidia gt, but the fan blows that gives shock. I began to see the temperatures and cojonuda surprise: the cpu sometimes exceeded 90C, god ... not on a PC, but these temperatures dry the thermal paste and then, to mourn. Anyway, look at some internet program to manage the temperature of the CPU, and saw nothing practical. That ideally has a limit, and performance to not fry anything inside the bug is reduced, and as I am cabezon, I've set myself. I have some knowledge of programming, and although it is not mine (I systems) because I did it. My program, not sell, the gift is for your put a limit temperature, and adjust the CPU frequency to never exceed at least for too long. I'm not going to have the advantages of the invention, but now I can play without my laptop is a toaster, and best of all, I can turn off automatically when cooled after having played. Well, I put the link if you want to try. No virus has (of course), and goes all the zip. If you can not put links someone to tell me.

EDIT: private message if anyone interested. I cant put links here, y send by email.
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Jan 7, 2005

I removed your link. Ordinarily links are OK if they are proper which yours appears to be but when a new member posts a link with an .exe file attached it raises a red flag to other members. Your intentions seem to be honorable but let's have you as a member for a while before posting links with .exe files.

Otherwise you're more than welcome as a new OC Forums member.