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SOLVED Sennheiser HD 600

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My cousin is looking for a really really good head set.Right now hes looking at the Sennheiser HD 600.Ive looked at the reviews and I like it.The cheapest we can find it is at 261USD.Does any one have any suggestions on heads sets or maybe know of a site with a lower price?


Senior Member
Jan 15, 2001
I have the HD600 and it is without a doubt the best set of headphones I've ever listened to.

Here's my bullet list of things worthy of note.

Comfort - Unsurpassed
Build Quality - Outstanding
Bass extension - Good. Not boomy or bass heavy.
Mid - Hi Range Frequency - Where the HD600 truly shines. These headphones are made to bring out the best in music.
Amplification demand. - High. 300 ohms of impedance mean that you will not want to connect the HD600's to a portable or cheapy amplifier. If in doubt, pick up a headphone amplifer. I have a Creek OBH-11, and it does a fine job. The Denon line of receivers sound good too.

Types of music that the HD600 is best with.

Classical. Without a doubt if you're a fan of classical music these are the best that I've heard. The HD600 is like a precision instrument. When you hear that flute you are hearing it the way it was meant to sound.

Jazz. Same as classical. Both are very difficult musical types for dynamic drivers. The accuracy required for the decay of a piano note to a cymbal crash demand quality.

Guitar. I am a fan of guitar. Give a listen to some flamenco guitar with the HD600s and if your jaw doesn't drop there's something wrong. Ottmar Liebert's, Barcelona Nights is a particular favorite.

Pop or what I call top 40 music. Honestly, if all one wants to listen to is Britney Spears then the HD 600's are being wasted. The music has been digitally processed and altered to sound "ok" on a set of cheap components. This is why a 128 Kb/s MP3 sounds hardly any different. (Whereas, it is glaringly obvious on jazz or classical.) The bass has been exaggerated at a higher frequency and the high frequency sounds have been capped closer to mid range. What you end up with is a mish mash.

Music not so good. Anything with loads of bass. That's not to say that the bass sounds bad. It's just not the strength of the sennheiser line. If you're into bass look at the grado line of headphones. ** I feel I should qualify this a little better by saying that true "bass" of say a bassoon or licks off a bass guitar sound fantastic. It's the BOOM BOOM BOOM rap music that will not sound particularly good.

So would I recommend the HD600's? Yes and No. It depends on the music, and if cost is a factor.

If the cost isn't a factor then by all means, get the HD600 and make sure you have a quality amplifier with a good headphone jack. If you don't have a "quality" amplifier; I recommend picking up a headphone amplifier specifically for the HD600. The High Impedance of the HD600 REQUIRES good amplification. The HD600 WILL sound atrocious attached to a walkman or mini-disc player.

If cost is a factor and/or you want to use the headphones with a portable. Then No. Mainstream music will not sound significantly different with the HD600 from another much cheaper headphone, because the strength of the drivers is the broad musical range and exactness of the timbre and resonance.


Apr 21, 2001
Las Vegas, NV
I'm gonna sound really stoopid to Richard unfortunately :p, but I actually produce music and found very little difference between the $300 and $30 headphones (assuming the $30 ones are of any decent quality).

Currently I'm using (and have been for over a year) a pair of Jensen digital audio headphones. I originally bought them at Best BUy for gaming purposes, but they're so good that I haven't NEEDED to buy another pair.

All I am saying is that if it were necessary for me to make better recordings with a better pair of headphones I'd also be owning a $300 pair, but this is not the case. Get 'what you need.'


Oct 10, 2002
Dallas, TX
I'm somewhat into my Hi-fi (it's almost an obsession!!!) and I DJ.

The only headphones I would ever use for either are Sennheiser.

HD-25 (http://www.superfi.co.uk/index.cfm/page/moreinfo.cfm/Product_ID/249) for DJing

HD-600 for Hi-Fi listening.

I have listened to the Sennheiser Orpheus as well (http://www.sennheiser.co.uk/downloads/hi-res/orpheus.jpg)
, the most amazing headphones ever!!! Better than any speakers I've ever heard (and that's a lot of speakers!!!)

Definitely get Sennheiser if you can, you won;t regret it!!


Excellent!Looks like he'll be buying them today.