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September 2022 internet issues

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Nov 1, 2009
Austin, TX
I don't know why, but there seems to be some serious internet issues in Austin right now.

for me,
1) My PC can'e download any file without the DL pausing. on Steam, on Brave (trying to download anything simply fails and shows "network error"), streaming is near impossible because it pauses video playback to buffer every 10 seconds or so. even AFTER resetting browsers , clearing caches, resetting the ethernet port, reinstalling drivers for ethernet, GPU etc...) I am aware of a current graphics issue with GeForce experience on Windows 11 22h2, but i already applied the fix for that, too, and it's a gaming issue, not internet.
PS: my internet conenction is 400Mbps DL, so 123MB music album should not fail... EDIT: I've also switched between the intel 2.5G adapter and the marvell 10G adapter... makes no difference.... also, ISP = Spectrum, own my own modem (surfboard SB6290) and router (asus AC66U)
2) My Verizon Phone (using mobile network) a galaxy s22 plus, (android 12 up to date) facebook feed completely goes blank after a few posts sometimes. webpages take longer to load than on a 2g system, waiting sometimes 30 seconds to a minute for pages to load, when before Septemeber, those same pages would load within 2 seconds. (never connected to router)

my roommate:
3) has the same issues on his Mobil provider phone. (also never connected to router.)

NONE of these issues occured before September...
so, is anyone else in Texas experiencing this also?
and does anyone have any ideas what could be causing this? and also please do NOT mention the standard stuff in the standard problem blogs, IE: don't mention replacing cat6 cables... doesn't effect the problem... don't mention things i've already told you i did
i'm probably looking for info that is way beyond me... especially since it's affecting 3 different networks that are not connected...
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So you're saying multiple services across multiple devices on different networks and ISP's are having problems? Have you tried running tracert tests? Betting you see some pretty wonky routes if you do. Sounds like either a trunk line got cut somewhere and they have rerouted traffic thru a bottleneck somewhere, or there is a bad router somewhere having issues. All ISP related